Tax Planning

We can help you to develop tax structure and guidelines for every company activity and arrangement that, we ensure, will comply and be up-to-date with current legislation.

Every multinational company that engages in operations across several countries of the world needs to understand the importance of a well-organized system that will guide the multinational operations of these companies. It does not only provide the company with a robust market strength but also helps to boost competitive advantage.

We have a team of experts with proficient knowledge of international tax policies. Hence, we provide tax consultancy services to assist cross-border businesses in scaling through the challenges of tax transactions and management across different countries. Our professionals will, in addition, prepare comprehensive analysis and risk assessment aimed at placing our client's business at a higher competitive level.

How It Works?

We assist companies avert various risks, they include:

Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS)

Recently, the Economic Cooperation and Development has introduced the BEPS framework. It mandates all organizations to reassess their businesses. At Confidentum, we shall create a sustainable tax structure for your business that will meet-up with the demands of the new framework.
How do we achieve this? We have technical professionals who shall combine their knowledge experience in the industry and tax operations to assess the likely BEPS pressure points for each organization. Afterward, we shall develop strategies that will ensure that your business operations are in line with the new rules.

Transfer Pricing

Integrating transfer pricing policies across company operations is becoming difficult for many multinational firms. However, Confidentum will create a workable model that will help your company to handle the transfer pricing policies efficiently. We will also create frameworks that will assist your firm to develop integrated systems that will cut-across various departments, tax, and functions of your business.
We have a very flexible model of operation that will provide a lasting module for your company to supervise, execute, and report activities that take place across all multinational branches.

Permanent Establishment (PE)

This term signifies a company that has established a taxable presence outside its current geolocation. Tax agencies are consistently developing new methods to track permanent establishments that were created either by overseas contractors, temporary business travelers, online activities, among others. Therefore, companies need to take note of this and avoid any unexpected tax penalties that might arise due to these permanent establishments.
Our team of tax experts will work closely with you to identify, control, and reduce any risk associated with your permanent establishment. Our task is to assist you in protecting any current operations from such risk, and engage with local tax agencies, as well as provide consultancy on new cross-border operations and how you can develop models that will help your company to avoid the risks of PE.

OECD Multilateral Instrument (MLI)

One of the most apparent difficulties that our clients have experienced during cross-border operations is analyzing and providing solutions to MLI-influenced adjustments to tax treaties. These policies, such as BEPS and MLI, has made it easier for tax authorities to enforce the recommendations that are enshrined in the BEPS framework, as well as the minimum benchmarks. More than 75 jurisdictions have approved the MLI changes, and it is no doubt a significant adjustment to the multinational tax policies in history. It will not only affect the business organizations but will as well define the mode of transactions and even change some business models.
We can assist you in overcoming the MLI barriers and as well explain its effect on your business designs and operations. We achieve this by thoroughly explaining the concept of MLI, provisions, origin, and the areas of impact on your business.

Mandatory Disclosure Regime (MDR)

Recently, the European Union brought about a new mandatory disclosure policy that will promote more clarity and help to check operations in multinational tax planning. Although the implementation will not commence until late 2020, Confidentum will assist taxpayers and third parties in pinpointing and regulating their duties under the Mandatory Disclosure Regime.
These new MDR policies by the EU will result in a broader reporting for different varieties of tax agreements, and it does not give room for any exceptions in the minimum threshold. Hence, it becomes imperative for taxpayers and their third parties to identify, strategize, and adopt policies that will help them to calculate the number of transaction details that need to be revealed.

At Confidentum, we assist our clients to comply with legislation by providing professional guidance on how to assess transactions that are currently being carried out or are planned to take place in future.

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