legal support

Legal Support

To meet-up with our client's specific demands, our tax and accounting departments work in close collaboration with the legal service department.

How It Works?

Company or Branch Incorporation

We assist businesses in preparing the standart legal documents that are necessary in the creation of new companies, and as well, prepare customized articles of incorporation. We will also collaborate with public notaries, financial institutions and relevant stakeholders during the process of incorporation.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Although mergers and acquisitions happen to be one of the fastest routes to growth, it has a lot of uncertainties. Often the stakeholders fail to receive the value that was expected from the deal. Deals, most times, can be complicated with lots of risks attached. Some of the processes that complicate the procedure include tax legislation, cash flows, and complex accounting principles – and to integrate these processes can prove to be challenging. Therefore, the big question now is - how sure are you that your deal will provide the expected gains for the stakeholders

When deciding on the strategy to approach mergers and acquisitions, it becomes imperative for dealmakers to understand the intrinsic risks, challenges that are ahead, and areas that can bring-about value in the deal. With that decisions are better optimized and negotiations will be carried out with confidence while mitigating risks that can occur at specific points. The result of such a move is priceless – a smooth deal, perfect networking during the integration process, and value given to your stakeholders.

At Confidentum, we understand these deals and are ready to collaborate with you in getting into the right deals, with confidence, and excellent delivery of value.


Therefore, we will help you with the following:

      - Effective consultation on accounting, tax and legal issues
      - Comprehensive financial and tax framework
      - Sale and purchase strategy
      - Quality consulting on the costs and conditions of transactions


Liquidation is a term that is used to describe a process where assets of company is withdrawn and shared among the creditors and shareholders. In such a situation, our role is to help to prepare the necessary documents, procedures, and requirements that are necessary to achieve the liquidation. We provide our assistance with the legal procedures for liquidating the business, establishing the necessary paperwork and requirements, and acting on behalf of the company as the liquidator.

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