HR & Payroll

Pass your payroll to us and we will take care of the rest. Salary administration is increasingly complicated, but our skilled payroll team can help simplify things and boost efficiency.

Our team of payroll and accounting experts will help with all your payroll and human resources processes. Also we can can make your company’s payroll processes digital using the online tool we provide. At Confidentum we believe that HR & Payroll management must be clear and professionally executed. Our payroll team will ensure accuracy and consistent, streamlined payroll process.

How It Works?

All you need to do is to provide the time sheets and we do the rest. Complete payroll accounting for your company tailored to your your company specific needs - from custom payroll adjustments to specific policies implementation.

Your Most Significant Challenges

Increasingly complex rules and laws being incorporated into the areas of social security, personal income tax laws, and employment regulations.
Precize and timely payroll that complies with legislation, accounting standarts and group policies.
Effective management of labour contracts and other personell records.
Competent communication with SRS, Labour inspectorate, SSIA and other institions.

The Advantages of Payroll Outsourcing

Respect of your privacy, especially that involving executive salaries.
Zero costs on training and infrastructure.
It helps you to focus on other vital areas of your business operations while we take charge of the payroll processing.
Access to skilled and accredited staff who are adept with the latest practices, policies, and guidelines.

Our team will provide you with:

- A full payroll outsourcing solution
- Data entry from attendance system
- Generation of bank file for bulk electronic bank transfers
- Components of gross, tax & net pay calculations
- Automatic email of employee pay-slips to designated destination
- Leave management
- End of Financial Year Processing, including individual declaration
- Payment Summary creation & delivery (email) & submission to EDS
- Ongoing payroll support & advice – employment start-up forms, termination assistance etc.
- Additions & deductions management, including allowances & reimbursements
- Detailed department costing allocation
- Management report generation in PDF, Excel & Word
- Master-file maintenance & upkeep of latest employee details

The tasks of salary administration are becoming progressively complicated and requires quick and adjustable handling. With a payroll outsourcing plan specially developed for your company, we can assist you with these challenges.

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