How Has Artificial Intelligence Transformed Accounting?

In the modern-day world, the business dynamic has considerably evolved. With new trends emerging daily with an exponential rate, it can be seen that adaptability with the new trends is now really important for the course of survival for these companies.

Tech-driven Evolution of Business and Role of Accounting

This simple fact shouldn’t surprise you that amid financial crises caused by Coronavirus, few stocks saw an upwards trajectory. One trait in common for all those stocks is all of them are tech-driven firms. Modern technologies such as Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence have reshaped businesses.

Has Technology Completely Replaced The Need For Accountants?

Over the course of time, there has been an increasing debate regarding technology replacing humans. Regardless of the positive impact technology has had when it comes to helping organizations operate in a much effective manner, it can be seen that positive impact continues to overshadow the aspect of job replacement, which is not very well received by the masses.

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